Herkunft: The Netherlands

Joke van Leeuwen

Joke van Leeuwen was born in The Hague in 1952 and studied art, graphics and history in Brussels and Antwerp. She toured with her own cabaret programs until 1985. She made her debut as an author with »De Appelmoesstraat is anders« [1978; tr: The Apple Sauce Street Is Different]. Around

J. M. M. Nuanez

J. M. M. Nuanez, born and raised in California, has lived in diverse places, including Texas, the Pacific Northwest, and South Korea. Her path through life has been marked by a keen inclination towards nature. This love for the natural world can be seen reflected in her work. Her debut

Lisa Weeda

born in 1989, is an author, scriptwriter, and virtual reality director. Ukraine, the homeland of her grandmother, often features prominently in her work. She co-wrote and co-directed the VR installation »ROZSYPNE«, which was nominated for an award in the IDFA DOClab competition for Immersive Non-Fiction in 2019. She made her

Hana Tooke

Hana Tooke was born in Alkmaar, Holland in 1985 and moved to England in the late 90s. A singer-songwriter since the age of twelve, she graduated from Plymouth University with a degree in music performance. She wrote her first fairy tale for her bachelor thesis. She earned her master’s degree

Wytske Versteeg

Wytske Versteeg was born in the Netherlands in 1983 and completed her studies in political science with honors in 2005. In 2008, after gaining first-hand experience with homelessness while working as a volunteer in an emergency shelter, she wrote the essay »Dit is geen Dakloze« (tr: »This is not a

Truus Matti

Truus Matti, born 1961 in the Netherlands, worked as an editor at several publishers and as a freelance writer, before applying to Rietveld Art Academy in Amsterdam, where she made film and animation.Her debut as a writer came with the novel »Vertrektijd« (2007; en. »Departure Time«). In this story, a

Tomas Lieske

Tomas Lieske was born in The Hague in 1943. Initially, he worked as a teacher, publishing his texts at the age of 38 in the literary magazines »De Revisor« and »Tirade«, the latter of which he later became editor. A selection of his poetical essays from this period appeared in

Thé Tjong-Khing

The »Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung« celebrated Thé Tjong-Khing’s picture book, »Waar is de taart?« (2004; t: Where is the cake?), as a »great work of little things«. It shows an illustrious animal society’s turbulent search for a coveted cake. Thé was born to a Chinese-Indonesian family in Purworedjo, on Java, in

Ted van Lieshout

Ted van Lieshout responded to the question »why poetry?« by saying: »The great thing about poetry is that, of course, I determine what poetry is.« Among the most wilful authors of literature for children and young people in the Netherlands, the graphic artist, poet and prose writer was born in

Simon van der Geest

Simon van der Geest was born in Gouda, the Netherlands, in 1978 and completed a degree in Theater at the ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnheim. While at university, he directed and acted in plays, and also discovered just how much fun it was to write for the theater.

Sjoerd Kuyper

Sjoerd Kuyper was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1952. In 1974, he broke off his study of Philosophy to work as a writer. He has written more than fifty books, primarily for young readers. His books have been translated into more than ten languages and adapted for television and