Herkunft: The Netherlands

Oscar van den Boogaard

Oscar van den Boogaard was born in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, in 1964. He grew up in the former Dutch colony of Surinam and in the Netherlands. After studying French and Law in Montpellier, Amsterdam, and Brussels, he embarked on a career as lawyer at an international law firm in Brussels.

Nina Polak

born in the Netherlands in 1986, she studied Dutch and cultural analysis in Amsterdam and New York. She writes about television, film, literature and computer games for magazines such as »Correspondent«. Her very first novel »We zullen niet te pletter slaan« (tr. We won’t be torn to pieces) was celebrated

Niña Weijers

Niña Weijers was born in 1987 in the Dutch city of Nijmegen, where she also grew up, and studied literary theory in Amsterdam and Dublin. Her short stories, essays and articles have been published in a range of literary magazines such as »Das Magazin«, »De Revisor« and »De Gids«, where

Nanette Jacomijn Snoep

born in 1971 in Utrecht, is a Dutch anthropologist and cultural manager who worked at various European museums after her studies in Paris. Before being appointed director of the Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum in Cologne in 2019, she was involved in the construction of the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, among other

Najiba Abdellaoui

was born 1981 in the Netherlands and raised partly in Morocco. She won the El Hizjra literature prize and the Kunstbende prize for her poems, spoken word pieces and short stories. Najiba studied International Business and is currently a management trainee. In 2008 she published the children’s book »Nasim en

Michel Faber

Michel Faber was born in The Hague in 1960. When he was seven years old, he moved with his parents to Australia, where he grew up on the outskirts of Melbourne. After high school he studied Dutch, philosophy, rhetoric, and English at the University of Melbourne until 1980. He then

Maritgen Matter

Maritgen Matter was born in 1962 in the Hanseatic city Zutphen in the Netherlands. As a child she already developed a strong affinity for music, theatre, literature, storytelling and drawing, which would lead to her work as an illustrator, graphic designer, columnist and author. She dropped out of her studies

Marjolijn Hof

Marjolijn Hof, born in 1956 in Amsterdam, had already as a child developed a great affinity for the visual arts, literature and languages in general. Already during her time at school, she began writing short stories, revealing an imaginative way of tackling her surroundings in drawings, plays, poems and short

Marieke Lucas Rijneveld

Marieke Rijneveld was born in Nieuwendijk in 1991 and grew up in a family of farmers in North Brabant. As a child she invented an imaginary friend called Lucas and wanted to be a boy herself. She was later bullied at school because of her boyishness, but at the age

Margriet de Moor

Margriet de Moor was born in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, in 1941. She comes from a large Catholic family and grew up with nine siblings – six of them girls. The subject of sisterhood was to become a common theme in her work. She studied piano and voice at the Royal

Lucette ter Borg

Lucette ter Borg was born in Amsterdam in 1962. She studied Slavonic studies and history of education at the university in her home city and worked as an art critic for the well-known daily newspapers »NRC Handelsblad« and »Volkskrant«. She then became Editor-in-Chief for arts and culture for the weekly

Leon de Winter

Leon de Winter was born in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Holland, in 1954. His parents were the only members of his Jewish family who survived the Holocaust. Leon de Winter started writing at the age of twelve, as a reaction to his father’s early death. Central themes of his work have since been