Herkunft: The Netherlands

Lana Sirri

born in Yaffa in 1981,  is a Palestinian scholar and activist, and a member of the Berlin Muslim Feminist Group. Since 2016 she is Assistant-Professor in Gender and Religion at Maastricht University. Lana completed her Ph.D. studies at the Centre for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin

Karlijn Stoffels

Karlijn Stoffels, born in 1947 in Amsterdam. She pursued Romance Linguistics and Dutch Language and Literature at the University of Leiden, after which she began writing for children and adults (including works on Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre), as well as for radio and stage plays. She has also

Kader Abdolah

Kader Abdolah, whose real name is Hossein Sadjadi Ghaemmaghami Farahani, was born in Arak, Iran, in 1954. Still a child he dreamed of being a famous writer, like his great-great-grandfather. Secretly he read the books from Western countries. He studied physics in Teheran und joined the left-wing students’ underground movement,

Joke van Leeuwen

Joke van Leeuwen was born in The Hague in 1952 and studied, art, graphic design and history in Brussels and Antwerp. She toured with her own cabaret show until 1985. Her first book was »De Appelmoesstraat is anders« (1978; tr. The Applesauce Street is Different). To date there have been

Johano Strasser

Johano Strasser was born in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, in 1939. He studied at the Foreign and Interpreter Institute of Mainz University. In 1967 he did his PhD in philosophy, in 1977 followed his post doctoral thesis in politics at the Freie Universität in Berlin. From 1980-1988 he was co-publisher and editor

Jan Paul Schutten

Jan Paul Schutten was born in Vlissingen, Netherlands, in 1970. He studied communication sciences in Utrecht and then worked as a copywriter in an ad agency. In 2002, he published his first children’s book, »Ruik eens wat ik zeg« (tr. Smell what I’m saying to you). His debut was such

Ian Buruma

Ian Buruma was born in The Hague in 1951. He studied Chinese literature and Japanese film in Tokyo and works as journalist, author and university lecturer. His articles have appeared in »The New York Review of Books«, »The Times Literary Supplement« and the »Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung«. Buruma currently teaches at

Hester Knibbe

Hester Knibbe was born in 1946 in The Netherlands and currently works as a clinical pharmaceutical analyst.  As a poet she made her debut with her collection ‘Tussen Gebaren en Woorden’ (t: Between Gestures and Words) in 1982.  She has since published several more collections of poetry, amongst them „Zwerfmotief“ (2006;

Hans Maarten van den Brink

Hans Maarten van den Brink was born in Oegstgeest, the Netherlands in 1956. He was the eldest of three sons of a German mother and Dutch father, the latter a psychologist at a psychiatric institution who left the family when van den Brink was ten years old. He later wrote

Hagar Peeters

Hagar Peeters was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1972. She studied Philosophy, General Literature Studies and Cultural History in Utrecht.  In her dissertation she documented the development of Dutch penal systems through the biography of the notorious criminal Gerrit de Stotteraar, who was as notorious for the large number

Guus Kuijer

Guus Kuijer, the creator of literary figures like »Madelief« and »Polleke«, numbers among the Netherlands’ most outstanding children’s book authors. He was born in Amsterdam in 1942 and worked as a teacher before devoting himself full time to writing. In more than thirty novels, short stories, plays and screenplays he

Gideon Samson

The Dutch writer for young readers, Gideon Samson, was born in 1985 in The Hague. Like his two older sisters he attended a Montessori school, which gave him plenty of freedom to develop his talent for writing. He studied film and television in Amsterdam and in 2007 wrote his first