Herkunft: Germany

Hannah Klitzke

Hannah Klitzke, born in 2002 in Leipzig, was honored at the Treffen junger Autor*innenin 2023 for her text »Gedichte in Borna«, in which she deals with East German cultural identity. Beyond this, she continues to deal with the topic of East Germany in her writing projects, in particular with the

Chantal-Fleur Sandjon

Chantal-Fleur Sandjon was born in Berlin in 1984 and is the author of books for children and young adults, poetry, non-fiction, and numerous articles. Her literary work devotes itself in particular to the portrayal of black life in Germany. Her verse novel »Die Sonne, so strahlend und Schwarz« [2022; tr:

Dima Albitar Kalaji

Dima Albitar Kalaji, born in 1982 in Damascus, Syria, and living in exile in Berlin since 2013, has navigated a significant literary and journalistic path, underpinned by her education in Arts and Media at Damascus University. Her work highlights the intersection of art, politics, and culture, predominantly through the lens

Nika Steiding

born 2007 in Berlin, is one of the 2023 Lyrix winners with her poem »Mein Zimmer« (tr: My Room).

Annika Wendschuh

born in Berlin in 2008, was awarded the 2022 Theo Literature Prize for her short story »Der Herzschlag der Welt« (tr: The Heartbeat of the World) and won first place in the WERTvolle Schulen writing competition for her short story on the topic of peace. Writing and reading are her

Mia Dornbruch

born in 2010 in Rüdersdorf, has always been interested in books, with J.K. Rowling and Otfried Preußler among her favorite authors. She enjoys reading funny and imaginative novels because she likes to be transported to other worlds. Mia has just finished the sixth grade and will now attend the Carl-Bechstein-Gymnasium

Laura Gerloff

born in 2001 in Hamburg, was awarded a prize for her short story »Ringbahn« at the Treffen junger Autor:innen in 2022. She studies politics and philosophy in Berlin, works in political education, and spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Mostly Laura writes messages to friends, sometimes they get

Clara von Alemann

born in Berlin in 2013, was awarded the THEO Literature Prize in 2023 for her story »Der kleine Mülldrache« (tr: The Little Rubbish Dragon). She loves to read, especially the books by her favorite authors Oliver Schlick and Anna Woltz and the book series »Skulduggery Pleasant« by Derek Landy and

Celia Spickhoff

born in Berlin in 2012, was named Berlin’s state winner in the 2023 Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels reading competition. She discovered her passion for reading and reading aloud at an early age – with a particular fondness for exciting detective stories and adventure novels. She often rides her unicycle and

Aline Hafermaas

born in Berlin in 2000, was invited as a prize winner of Treffen junger Autorinnen 2022 with her prose miniatures »Mikroereignisse«. She studies social and economic communication at the Berlin University of the Arts. Alongside her studies, she works on short stories and fragmented pieces of writing. Often study and

Timo Berger

Timo Berger, born in 1974 in Stuttgart, studied Comparative Literature, Latin American Studies, and Modern German Literature in Tübingen, Buenos Aires, and Berlin. He is an author, publicist, and translator, focusing particularly on contemporary Latin American poetry and prose. In 2006, together with Rike Bolte, he founded the mobile Latin