Herkunft: Switzerland

Gabriel Vetter

born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, in 1983. Gabriel Vetter is a writer and columnist in Basel. In 2004 he won the German language Poetry Slam Championship, in 2006 the renowned cabaret award »Salzburger Stier«. Currently Vetter is the in-house playwright of Theater Basel. Emil Steinberger, the Swiss political revue performer, once

Franz Hohler

Franz Hohler was born in 1943 in Biel and grew up in the town of Olten in the canton of Solothurn. After finishing school in 1963, he studied German and Romance languages and literature at the University of Zurich. During this time, he presented his first cabaret program »Pizzicato« (1965)

Frank A. Meyer

born in Biel in 1944, is considered Switzerland’s most distinguished political columnist. He was a board member and journalistic director of the Ringier media company and, beginning in 1989, lectured on media culture at the University of St. Gallen. From 1980 to 2016, he interviewed prominent guests on current events

Fitzgerald & Rimini

Elsa Fitzgerald (aka Ariane von Graffenried) was born in Bern in 1978. Together with Ribi Rimini (aka Robert Aeberhard) she produces literary rock and all kinds of poetry. As Mrs Fitzgerald she is a teacher and postgraduate at the Drama Science Institute in Bern. She writes critical columns about her

Emmanuelle Houdart

Emmanuelle Houdart was born in 1967 in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. She studied at the École des Beaux Arts in Sion and the École Supérieure d’Art Visuel in Geneva. She has worked as a painter and graphic designer since 1996 and has published approximately thirty books, primarily for

Elvira Dones

Elvira Dones was born in Durrës, Albania, in 1960. She studied Albanian literature and English at the University of Tirana and initially worked for state television. Because she did not return to her home country after a business trip to Switzerland, she was charged with treason and sentenced to prison

Dorothee Elmiger

Dorothee Elmiger was born in Wetzikon in 1985 and grew up in Appenzell, Switzerland. Since 2006, she has been a student at the Swiss Literature Institute in Biel and a visiting student in Leipzig. In 2008, she took part in Prosanova, the Festival for Young Literature in Hildesheim and, is

Dominic Nahr

born in Switzerland in 1983, has been documenting world crises for more than ten years, reporting on the rebels and child soldiers in the Congo, terrorism, and drought in Somalia. His photographs have appeared on the covers of »Time Magazine« and the »New York Times Magazine«. He has also photographed

Dieter Bachmann

Dieter Bachmann was born in 1940 in Basel. He studied Literature and Philosophy in Zurich and graduated with a dissertation on essays and essayism. Afterwards he worked as a literature and theatre critic and made films for television. He was an editor with the »Weltwoche« and the »Tages-Anzeiger Magazin« before

Christian Uetz

The Swiss writer Christian Uetz was born in 1963 in Egnach. After training to be a teacher in Kreuzlingen, he studied philosophy, comparative literature, and ancient Greek at the Universität Zürich. He first became known for his poetry and made a name for himself as a performer of experimental poetry.

Christian Kracht

Christian Kracht was born in Gstaad, Switzerland in 1966. He spent his youth in Germany, the USA, Canada and southern France. After having worked for the newspaper »BZ« and the magazines »Tempo« and »Der Spiegel«, he became the India correspondent in New Delhi for »Der Spiegel« in the mid-nineties. He

Chrigel Farner

born in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) in 1972, and lives and works as an illustrator, comic artist and painter in Berlin. From 1989 he studied to become a scientific illustrator at HfG Zurich. In 1993 he published the comic album »Fliegenpilz« (tr. Deadly Toadstool), which tells the worrisome life of Harry, the