Herkunft: France

Pascal Bruckner

born in Paris in 1948, is a novelist and essayist. He studied philosophy at a number of institutions, including the Sorbonne, and earned his doctorate under Roland Barthes. Since 2019, he has been a member of the Académie Goncourt, which annually awards France’s most important literary prize, the Prix Goncourt.

Ornela Vorpsi

Ornela Vorpsi was born in Tirana in 1968. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts there and in 1989 relocated to Italy, where she continued her studies at the Accademia di belle Arti di Brera in Milan. In 1997 she graduated from the Université Paris VIII and since then

Olivier Guez

Olivier Guez, born in Strasbourg in 1974, is a French writer. He graduated from Sciences Po Strasbourg and earned a master’s degree from the London School of Economics and the Collège dʼEurope in Bruges. As a journalist, he has written for »Le Monde«, »Le Point«, »FAZ«, »New York Times«, and

Olivier Salon

Olivier Salon, born in 1955, teaches mathematics to the would-be pupils of élitist schools. In 2000 he joined the group, Oulipo, and in 2008 he published »Les Gens de Légende« (tr: The Legendary People), a collection of Oulipotic fairytales from Little Red Riding Hood to Tintin. He has been performing

Noelia Blanco

was born in Buenos Aires, where she studied philosophy, literature and piano. Well-travelled and multi-skilled, she worked as a music teacher, translator, and researcher exploring indigenous cultures. In the world of »The Mill Valley« (En. 2015), robots fulfill every wish, yet the dressmaker Anna still retains the ability to yearn

Niccolò Milanese

is the co-founder of European Alternatives, a poet and a philosopher living in Paris, born in London to Italian and British parents. Milanese was educated in Cambridge, Siena and Paris where he was an Entente Cordiale Scholar. He has been involved in the founding of organisations, magazines and initiatives, including

Nicolas Mathieu

Nicolas Mathieu was born in Épinal (Vosges) in 1978 and was confronted with class differences at an early age. As a student in private Catholic schools, Mathieu, the son of an electromechanic and an accountant, found himself in much more privileged environment. At the young age of 14, he decided

Nedim Gürsel

Nedim Gürsel was born in Gaziantep, Turkey, in 1951.  He published his first novellas and essays in Turkish literary magazines in the late 60s.  After the coup d’état in 1971, he had to testify in court for one of his articles.  This led to his decision to temporarily reside in

Nancy Huston

Nancy Huston was born in Calgary, Canada in 1953. At the age of six, after her mother had left the family, she spent a few months in Germany with her future stepmother and learned to speak German. At fifteen she followed her father and stepmother from Canada to Wilton in

Murial Blaive

born in Nice in 1969, wrote her PhD thesis in history at the EHESS Paris and received the Körber Fellowship for History and Memory in Europe. She is a founding member of the editorial committee of Dìjiny-Teorie-Kritika (Prague) and, since 2006, leader of the Communist Studies Department (Prague), researcher at