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Philippe Lechermeier

Philippe Lechermeier was born in 1968 and has dedicated the first part of his life to reading, studying and travelling. His interest in reading led him to study literature. He initially wrote stories for his two daughters, Alice and Hélène and published his first children’s book in partnership with Christian Voltz. The many books that followed are set in a variety of imaginative environments. Some display close links to traditional European fairy-tales; others follow a more modern short-story format. The language is always poetic and facetious, providing enjoyment for readers of all ages. In the year 2000, he submitted the draft of »Princesses oubliées ou inconnues« (2004; tr. »The Secret Lives of Princesses«, 2010) to his publisher who offered him the opportunity to work with Rébecca Dautremer. This fruitful collaboration led to an exceptional children’s book now available in around twenty languages.

The story is a humorous and cryptic look at the daily lives of forgotten or unknown royal daughters, examining their dreams and secrets. Their royal lives are packed with whims, adventures and quirks in between royal banquets and court etiquette. The book is set up like an encyclopedic reference work and the individual tales exhibit a high potential for identification in all readers, not just for the children. Who wouldn’t be able to identify with these little oddballs and all their idiosyncrasies? Lechermeier is here by no means merely recounting familiar stories; instead, he invites his readers to adopt a new perspective and peek behind the scenes of the fairy-tale world and its archetypal structures. » A truly royal compendium for all princesses and those who wish to become one! «, wrote the trade journal »Bulletin Jugend und Literatur«, joining the consistently positive response of international critics to the book.

His most recent children’s book »Journal secret du Petit Poucet« (2009; tr: The Secret Diary of Tom Thumb) again tackles classic fairy-tale material, once again together accompanied by Rebecca Dautremer’s wonderful illustrations, this time retelling the story of Tom Thumb. Inspired by Charles Perrault’s 17th century fairy-tale, Lechermeier’s version is full of comedy, absurdity and poetry.

Philippe Lechermeier has received many national and international prizes for his work, including the 2006 Hans-Christian-Andersen-Prize for Best Picture Book. The author lives in his home town, Strasbourg.


La valise

[Ill: Christian Voltz]

Didier Jeunesse

Paris, 1998

Quand j’étais loup

[Ill: Sacha Bliakova]

Gautier Languereau

Paris, 2003

Ce qu’il avait sur l’image

[Ill: Charlotte Gastaut]

Thierry Magnier

Paris, 2005


[Ill: Rébecca Dautremer]


München, 2008

[Ü: Antoinette Gittinger]

Journal secret du Petit Poucet

[Ill: Rébecca Dautremer]

Gautier Languereau

Paris, 2009