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Evening program: Sept 05 – 14, 2024
Young program: Sept 09 – 18, 2024

Herkunft: Austria

Jutta Treiber

Jutta Treiberwas born in Oberpullendorf, Austria, near the Hungarian border, in 1949. After studying German and English at the University of Vienna she worked at a secondary school in her hometown. In addition she ran the local cinema owned by her family for more than twenty years. At the age

Helmut Rechberger

born in Linz, Austria in 1968. Studied Process Engineering at Vienna University of Technology. Doctoral thesis on entropy evaluation of mass balances in waste management. Academic posts at Yale and ETH Zurich. In 2003, Rechberger was appointed Professor for Resource Management at TU Vienna, where he assumed the office of

Heinz Janisch

Heinz Janisch was born in Güssing, in the Austrian state of Burgenland and studied German literature and journalism at the University of Vienna.  Since 1982 he has been working as a freelancer for ORF-radio and is the chief editor of the series ‘Menschenbilder’. Since the publication of his first children’s book ‘Mario, der

Haralampi G. Oroschakoff

Haralampi G. Oroschakoff born in Sofia in 1955, emigrated with his parents to Vienna in 1961, and has been a writer, painter and illustrator in the international art industry since 1980. His work focuses on the Byzantine civilisation. He published numerous texts concerning the east west conflict and the position

Hannes Wirlinger

Hannes Wirlinger was born in 1970 in Linz. At the age of sixteen, he already tried his hand at writing his first texts, including poems, short stories, and novels. With the intention of becoming a professional writer, Wirlinger began to study journalism and political science in Vienna after graduating from

Gerhard Rühm

Gerhard Rühm was born in Vienna in 1930. He studied Piano and Composition at the Vienna Music Academy and became especially interested in twelve-tone music. Excited by these principles of composition, Rühm also dedicated himself to the visual arts and to literature. He found like-minded souls in H.C. Artmann and

Gerald Jatzek

Gerald Jatzek [Austria] Gerald Jatzek was born in Vienna in 1956. He studied English, Romance Studies, German Studies, Ethnology, Philosophy and Cultural Management, and graduated with degrees in Pedagogy and Journalism. During his studies, he worked as a postman, busker and night porter. Gerald Jatzek has written for children and

Georg Stefan Troller

Georg Stefan Troller was born in Vienna in 1921 and served an apprenticeship as a bookbinder. At sixteen, shortly after the November pogroms, he fled Nazi persecution via Czechoslovakia to France, carrying Karl Kraus’ »The Last Days of Mankind« in his luggage. He obtained an American visa in Marseille in

Friederike Mayröcker

Friederike Mayröcker was born in Vienna in 1924.  After being drafted as an air force aide during World War II, she took »external A-levels« in 1950, having already worked as an English teacher at Viennese high schools since 1946.  Her first poems appeared in Vienna’s avant-garde journal »Plan«. In 1956

Franz Orghandl

Franz Orghandl was born in Vienna in 1980 and works as an author and translator. »In den Wald» (2019; tr: Into The Forest) is a book for children from the age of 9 and up. It tells the story of little Nina who accesses a giant, pristine forest through her

Franz Suess

Franz Suess was born in Linz in 1961. He studied painting and graphic art at the University of Art and Industrial Design Linz and attended the master class for ceramics. Afterwards he designed postcard comics and published comics, photos, and satirical collages on the »Raketa« internet platform for satire and


Franzobel was born Franz Stefan Griebel in 1967 in the Upper Austrian Vöcklabruck. Following the Matura he went to Vienna in 1986 to study German Studies and History. During his studies, which he completed in 1994 with a Diplom, he studied painting and conceptual art intensively, and made his first