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Herkunft: Australia

Bruce Pascoe

born in 1947, is an indigenous Australian writer whose works have won numerous prizes (NSW Premier’s book of the year in 2016, the Prime Minister’s Young Adult Literature Award in 2013, and the Australia Council Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature in 2018, among others). He has worked as a

Brian Castro

Brian Castro was born in Hong Kong in 1950. His mother was of Chinese-English descent and his father was born to a family of Spanish, Portuguese and English merchants who settled in Shanghai at the turn of the 20th century. Castro was sent alone to Australia in 1961 to boarding

Barry Jonsberg

The Australian writer Barry Jonsberg was born in 1951 in Liverpool in the United Kingdom. He studied English Literature there, began working as a College lecturer in Crewe, Cheshire in 1979, and emigrated to Australia in 1999.Since 2004, Jonsberg has published children’s and young adult books that have been translated