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Herkunft: Australia

Peter Goldsworthy

Peter Goldsworthy was born in Minlaton on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia in 1951. He grew up in various small towns on the continent, completed his school qualifications in Darwin and studied medicine in Adelaide. In 1974, he started working as a doctor in various rehab centres for alcoholics

Pamela Brown

Pamela Brown was born in Victoria, Australia in 1948. She grew up on military bases in Toowoomba and Brisbane, Queensland. Since 1968, she has mainly lived in Sydney with stints in the MacDonald Valley, the Blue & Dandenong Mountains, and Adelaide, where she worked with the Experimental Art Foundation (EAF).

Omar Musa

Omar (bin) Musa was born in 1984 in Queanbeyan, New South Wales, Australia. His mother is a well-known Australian cultural journalist; his father is the Malaysian poet Musa bin Masran. He studied at Australian National University and the University of California, Santa Cruz. Musa’s literary work mostly focuses on the

Nam Le

Nam Le was born in Vietnam in 1978 and grew up in Australia. Although he graduated in Law at Melbourne University, he only worked as a lawyer for a short time and soon found himself called to writing. In an interview he ascribed his change of heart to his own

Morris Gleitzman

Morris Gleitzman was born in the Lincolnshire town of Sleaford in 1953 and grew up in suburban London. According to his own account, he spent his childhood devouring every book he could lay his hands on. In 1969 his family emigrated to Australia. While he took on various temporary jobs,

Mike Shuttleworth

Mike Shuttleworth is Program Manager of the Melbourne Writers Festival, which was founded in 1986 and hosted the Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference in 2013. He studied Journalism at the Western Australian Institute of Technology and has been a dedicated mediator of literature in different positions, among others as a critic,

Mark Tredinnick

The Australian poet, essayist, and literature teacher Mark Tredinnick was born in 1962 in Epping, New South Wales. He studied arts and law at the University of Sydney and took courses in philosophy. In his last year of his degree, he began working as an assistant for various law firms

Mark Isaacs

is an Australian writer, photographer, and community worker. In »The Undesirables« (2014) and »Nauru Burning« (2016), he reports on the circumstances in an Australian-run prison for refugees on the Pacific island of Nauru. In cooperation with the Edmund Rice Center, his report »Responsibility to Protect« (2016/2017) provided the groundwork for

Luke Fischer

Luke Fischer was born in 1978 in Sydney, Australia, to a family with European roots. He lived for a number of years in the US as well as Germany, where he held fellowships and taught at universities in Tübingen and Lüneburg. He received his doctorate in philosophy in 2008 from

Les Murray

Les Murray was born on a farm in Nabiac/New South Wales, Australia, in 1938. As an only child he soon acquired autodidactic habits. Following family tradition – a relative in Scotland edited and wrote parts of the enormous Oxford English Dictionary – the young Murray turned out to be highly

Levi Pinfold

Levi Pinfold studied at the Falmouth University until 2006 where he developed his aesthetic of stylized realism full of delicate and elaborate detail. He grew up with authors like Roald Dahl and Maurice Sendak, and his artistic development was influenced by the examples of Alan Lee and Dave McKean, as

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart was born in 1954 in Ockendon, Essex (Great Britain) and grew up in London. In 1966 his family moved to Brisbane, Australia. Hart studied English and Philosophy at the Australian National University, took a writing scholarship at Stanford University and spent several months travelling in Europe. He returned