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Herkunft: Turkey

Nedim Gürsel

Nedim Gürsel was born in Gaziantep, Turkey, in 1951.  He published his first novellas and essays in Turkish literary magazines in the late 60s.  After the coup d’état in 1971, he had to testify in court for one of his articles.  This led to his decision to temporarily reside in

Necla Kelek

born in Istanbul in 1957, is a social scientist, publicist and women’s rights activist. She studied economics and sociology and wrote her doctoral thesis on Islam in everyday life. She has published numerous books, most recently »The Unholy Family: How Islamic Tradition Deprives Women and Children of Rights « (2019).

Murathan Mungan

The writer, poet, and theater author of Turkish-Arab origin Murathan Mungan was born in Istanbul in 1955 and grew up in Mardin near the Syrian border. His childhood was marked by linguistic-cultural contradictions, many of his Kurdish and Arab relatives were not skilled in Turkish; his father encouraged him not

Karin Karakaşlı

Karin Karakaşlı, born in Istanbul in 1972, studied interpretation and translation at the Boğaziçi University of Foreign Languages. From 1996 to 2006 she was an editor and head of the editorial department of the Turkish-Armenian weekly newspaper »Agos«, and a columnist for its Turkish and Armenian sections. She is currently

Jan İlhan Kızılhan

born in 1966 in Turkey (Kurdistan) he was awarded a doctorate in psychology from Konstanz and in oriental studies from Göttingen. Since 2013, Kizilhan has been a professor at the Dual University of Villingen-Schwenningen, where he is the director of the degree course Social Work with the Mentally Ill and

Hasan Ali Toptaş

Hasan Ali Toptaş was born in Baklan, southwest Anatolia, in 1958. After leaving school, the son of a truck driver, he received higher vocational training in the district town of Çal and following his military service made a living through odd jobs before finding a position at the inland revenue.

Ferit Edgü

Ferit Edgü was born in Istanbul in 1936.  He is one of the leading writers of contemporary Turkish literature and has been publishing poems, novellas, reviews and essays in avant-garde periodicals since 1952. His first book, »Kaçkinlar« (t: The Departed), published in 1959, is an account of an adolescent in

Elif Shafak

Elif Shafak was born in Strasbourg in 1971, the daughter of Turkish parents. After their divorce, she went to live with her mother in Turkey, who later served as a diplomat in Spain and Jordan, taking her young daughter with her. Shafak studied sociology and communications theory at the Middle

Ece Temelkuran

Ece Temelkuran was born in Izmir, Turkey, in 1973. Before graduating in law from Ankara University in 1995, she worked as a journalist for Turkey’s oldest newspaper »Cumhuriyet« and in 1996 published her first book »Bütün Kadınların Kafası Karışıktır« [tr: All Women Are Confused], in which she denounces the high

Demir Özlü

Demir Özlü was born in Istanbul in 1935. There he studied Law at university and after graduating in 1959 moved to France, where he studied Philosophy at the Sorbonne. He went on to work as an academic assistant in the field of Philosophy of Law, and later practised law.  After the