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Herkunft: Sweden

Kristina Sigunsdotter

Swedish writer, children’s author, playwright, and artist Kristina Sigunsdotter was born in 1981 in Västerås in the province of Västmanland. She studied journalism and ethnology at Södertörn University and first worked as a project manager for literary projects. In 2009, Kristina Sigunsdotter made her debut as a playwright with the

Marit Kapla

Swedish cultural journalist and author Marit Kapla grew up in Osebol in the municipality of Torsby. Her parents had moved there shortly after she was born because her father took a teaching position at the Klarälvdalen School across the river. Kapla worked for the local morning paper »Värmlands Folkblad«, moved

Anneli Furmark

Anneli Furmark was born in 1962 in Vallentuna, Sweden, and grew up in Luleå. She studied fine arts at the Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and initially focused mainly on painting. Her passion for drawing and writing led to the creation of her first graphic novel, »Labyrinterna och andra serier«

Gunilla Palmstierna-Weiss

born in Lausanne in 1928, was a sculptor, ceramicist, set designer and author. Between 1966 and 1989 she worked several times as a set designer and costume designer for the director Ingmar Bergman. She published a book jointly with Peter Weiss, with whom she lived and worked from 1952 until

Liv Strömquist

Liv Strömquist was born in 1978 in Lund and grew up in Ravlunda in southern Sweden. As a child, she was already drawing comics; later, she published her own stories in her fanzine »Rikedomen«. Strömquist studied political science. In 2005, she was a moderator for the youth radio station Sveriges

Ulf Stark

In 1984 he scored his international breakthrough with the book ‘Dårfinkar och dönickar’, which won the Bonniers Junior Publishers’ Competition.  Stark grew up in a Stockholm suburb.  He was the son of a dentist.  His father had his practice on the ground floor of the house and Stark, his mother

Sylvia Ofili

Silvia Ofili was born in 1984 in Nigeria and lives in Lagos, the former capital and now most populous city in the country. The author, who describes herself on Twitter as a dreamer and teacher, uses more than tweeting to speak out on topical social and political issues; she also

Rose Lagercrantz

Rose Lagercrantz was born in Stockholm in 1947. Her father came from Berlin. He had participated in the resistance against fascism, spent several years in prison, and fled to Sweden via Prague and Krakow after his release. Her mother, who came from Transylvania, came to Sweden via Auschwitz. Lagercrantz ran

Peter Pohl

Peter Pohl, born in Hamburg in 1940, emigrated with his mother to Sweden at the end of World War II after the death of his German father. He was particularly interested early on in Mathematics, Physics and Athletics. From childhood, Pohl wrote everything down and also experimented with photography. »Even

Per Nilsson

Per Nilsson was born in Malmö, Sweden in 1954 and is one of Sweden’s leading authors of young people’s literature.  After completing his degree, he began working as a mathematics and music teacher at a secondary school before making writing his only profession in 1999. Today he writes for all those

Per Olov Enquist

Per Olov Enquist was born in the northern Swedish town of Hjoggböle in 1934. He went on to study literature at Uppsala University. During his studies, he wrote for numerous newspapers as a literary and theatre critic. He later worked as a columnist, moderator and reporter. He made his own

Oskar Hanska

Oskar Hanska has been a spoken word poet in the Swedish slam scene since 2005. He performs at festivals, on the radio, in the theatre and for political events. His project »The Third Room« combines spoken word poetry, music and street dance in a Gesamtkunstwerk. Oskar Hanska is an independent