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06. – 16.09.2023

Herkunft: Sweden

Johannes Anyuru

Johannes Anyuru was born in Borås, Sweden, in 1979. His parents met in Kenya, where his mother worked as a volunteer in an aid project and where his father, a fighter pilot, had fled from his native Uganda. Anyuru began writing poetry while still in high school. In 2003, he

Jenny Jägerfeld

Jenny Jägerfeld was born in Skärblacka, Sweden in 1974. Her studies included Philosophy and Psychology. Today she heads a psychological practice in Stockholm and works as a journalist and editor for magazines and nonfiction books. In Stockholm’s House of Culture, she organizes the even series »Psychologists Read Books«, since 2013

Jakob Wegelius

Jakob Björn Wegelius was born in 1966 in Goteborg, Sweden. After studying literature and philosophy, he attended Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm from 1992 to 1996. Wegelius published his first children’s book, »Spionerna i Oreborg« (tr. »The spies of Oreborg«, 2003), an »audacious and comical story«

Henning Mankell

Henning Mankell was born in Stockholm, in 1948. Since 1968 he worked as a writer and director. In 1979 his first novel, ‘Fångvårdskolonin som försvann’, was published. In the 1980’s, then he worked as a director and theatre manager, and he published in the 1990’s his novells featuring inspector Wallander.

Helena Hedlund

Helena Hedlund was born in Borås, southern Sweden, in 1978. She studied acting at the Malmö Theatre Academy and was first a member of Månteatern, an independent theatre company in Lund, before joining Teater Martin Mutter in Örebro in 2003, also an independent company, where she works as an actress

Göran Rosenberg

born in Södertälje, Sweden, in 1948, Göran Rosenberg studied Philosophy and Journalism. He is a writer, publisher and documentary filmmaker. In his recent book »Ett kort uppehåll på vägen till Auschwitz« (2012; tr. A brief stop on the way to Auschwitz) he tells the story of his Jewish father, a

Göran Sonnevi

Göran Sonnevi was born in Lund, Sweden in 1939 and grew up in Halmstad. His preoccupation with literature displaced his earlier interests in chemistry, mathematics and music. He studied literary history, philosophy, art history and history of religion at the University of Lund. At this time he was awarded second

Ghayath Almadhoun

The poet and filmmaker Ghayath Almadhoun was born in 1979 as the child of a Palestinian father and a Syrian mother in refugee camp in Damascus. He studied Arabic literature at Damascus University. In 2008 he emigrated to Sweden and became a Swedish citizen.The central themes in Almadhoun’s poetry, which

Fredrik Sjöberg

born in 1958, studied biology and geology and works as a journalist, literary critic, writer, and translator. His novel »Flugfällan« (2004; Eng. »The Fly Trap«, 2014) was nominated for the August Prize. In 2009, his hoverfly collection was displayed at the Biennale in Venice. A selection of his stories and

Frida Nilsson

Frida Nilsson, born in Hardemo, Sweden in 1979, discovered her passion for peering behind the scenes early on, inspired by her father’s work as a journalist and theater writer. But instead of pursuing her own acting career after graduating from high school, she taught theater to children, worked as a

Fabian Göranson

Fabian Göranson is born in Stockholm in 1978. After finishing his school qualifications, he goes on to study for 2 years at the Academy of the Arts in Stockholm (1997−1999) and studies Social Sciences at Stockholm University (1999−2000). In 2001, he breaks off his studies in Sweden and moves to

Athena Farrokhzad

Poet, playwright, translator, and literary critic Athena Farrokhzad was born in Tehran in 1983, grew up in Gothenburg and lives in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2013, she published her collection of poems »Vitsvit« (Eng. » White Blight«, 2015), which the author described as a »narrative poem«. The debut has been translated