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5 – 14 Sep 2024 Program
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Herkunft: Norway

Jostein Gaarder

»Show wonder, question, don’t become complacent!« comments Jostein Gaarder. A credo with which he inspires his readers towards reflection and reminds them that the unsolved mysteries of the universe are more exciting than the questions already answered. The Norwegian author was born in 1952 in Oslo and studied Philosophy, Theology

Jon Fosse

Jon Fosse was born in Haugesund on the Norwegian coast in 1959. As a teenager, the son of a shopkeeper was particularly devoted to music, which he then gave up in favour of literature. He studied Comparative Literature in Bergen before working as a tutor at the Academy for Creative

Ingeborg Arvola

Ingeborg Arvola was born in the Nordkapp community in Norway in 1974 and grew up in Tromsø. Her first novel, “Korellhuset” (1999) appeared in German translation in 2002 under the title “Am Ende der Sehnsucht”. The author has also published short stories and a children’s book. Her novel “Forsiktig. Glass”

Ingeborg Kringeland Hald

Ingeborg Kringeland Hald was born in Norway in 1962. She wrote song lyrics for the Christina Björdal Band and managed the group. In 2010/2011, she was responsible for the idea and the script for the show »Maudelin Jazzteater presenterer kontrabassen« (tr. The Maudelin jazz theater presents the contrabass). Her literary

Håkon Øvreås

Håkon Øvreås was born in Norway in 1974. He completed his master’s degree in comparative literature at the University of Oslo with a thesis on the relationship between an author and his work based on Arild Nyquist’s novel »Giacomettis forunderlige reise« (1988; tr. Giacometti’s wonderful journey). He made his literary

Gunnhild Øyehaug

Gunnhild Øyehaug , born in 1975 in Volda, Norway, had her literary debut in 1998 with a collection of poems, ‘Slaven av blåbæret’ (Engl: Slave of the Blueberry).  Her second book, ‘Knutar’ (Engl: Knots), a collection of short stories, appeared to massive critical acclaim in 2004; it was also nominated

Gro Dahle

The Norwegian author, poet, and writing teacher Gro Dahle was born in Oslo in 1962 and grew up in Tønsberg, Aruba, and New Jersey. Dahle studied English philology, history of religion, and psychology at the University of Oslo, and also completed several writing courses. She made her début in 1987

Gry Moursund

The Norwegian illustrator and children’s book author Gry Moursund was born in Mo i Rana in 1969. In 1989 she began studying at the art school in Kabelvåg, the Wiiks Folkhögskola in Uppsala, the National Academy of Craft and Art Industry in Oslo, and the Royal College of Art in

Gaute Heivoll

Gaute Heivoll was born in Finsland, Norway in 1978. He studied Law, Psychology and Literature at university and has written short stories, poetry, essays and review in anthologies and literary journals. He made his debut in 2002 with a collection of prose writings entitled »Liten dansende gutt« (t: A small

Erling Kagge

Erling Kagge was born in Oslo in 1963. He studied law and worked for a while as a lawyer for the industrial giant Norsk Hydro, among others. He later studied philosophy at the University of Cambridge and became known as a mountain climber and adventurer. On March 8, 1990, fellow

Eirik Ingebrigtsen

Eirik Ingebrigtsen was born in Ås in 1975. He attended the Hordaland writers’ academy, as well as studying literary composition at Gothenburg University and theatre and media studies at the University of Bergen. His first novel, »Vesen« (t: Creature) was published in 2001. This was followed by » Snø dempar

Dag Solstad

Dag Solstad was born in Sandefjord, Norway in 1941. He emerged in the sixties with his experimental prose pieces and has since written nearly thirty books, mainly novels but also novellas, plays, and collections of journalistic articles. With »Arild Asnes« (1970), the story of a young man who considers a