24th ilb
5 – 14 Sep 2024 Program
9 – 18 Sep 2024 Young Program

22 years international literature festival berlin. Retrospect and Tribute Ulrich Schreiber.

At the end of March Ulrich Schreiber stepped down as director of the international literature festival berlin after 22 years. This marked the end of an era. The festival was conceived a quarter of a century ago. Over the years, it has developed into one of the most renowned literature festivals in the world. Time to look back: As director, Ulrich Schreiber played a major role in shaping the international and political content of the program; the emphasis on international children’s and young adult literature; the reference to science; the invitations to prominent authors as well as authors yet to be known in Germany and Europe. All this is still the core of the ilb today and shapes its aura. Some of the authors of the past years, staff members, companions and friends will pay their respects to ›Uli‹ on this evening and say: Thank you.

Hosted by Jörg Thadeusz.

With: Taqi Akhlaqi, Azouz Begag, Wolf und Pamela Biermann, Dieter Bachmann, Jürgen Boos, Christine Eichel, Katharina Emanns, Andreas Görgen, Sophie Gruber, Monika Grütters, Joachim Helfer, Franziska Herrmann, Ulli Janetzki, Liao Yiwu, Francesca Melandri, Hala Mohammed, Alexander Polzin, Peter Raue, Christoph Rieger, Moritz Rinke, Samuel Shimon, Michi Strausfeld, Ece Temelkuran, Herbert Wiesner, Jörg Thadeusz, and many more.

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