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Portrait Joachim Helfer
© Hartwig Klappert

Joachim Helfer

Joachim Helfer was born in 1964 in Bonn and grew up outside of Frankfurt a.M. He studied English at the University of Hamburg and published his first novel, »Du Idiot« (1994; t: You idiot), which tells a classic initiation story of a picaresque anti-hero who sharply disparages society. In 1998 followed the novel »Cohn & König«, which continues where the first novel leaves off, and for which Helfer was awarded the Literature Prize of the BDI and the Hamburg Writers’ Association Prize. His most recent novel is »Nicht Himmel, Nicht Meer« (2002; t: Not heaven, not sea). Helfer has lived as a freelance writer in Berlin since 2001.

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Du Idiot
München, 1994

Cohn & König
Frankfurt/Main, 1998

Nicht Himmel, nicht Meer
Frankfurt/Main, 2002

Nicht zu zweit
Frankfurt/Main, 2005