23. ilb Day 4 – Irene Vallejo, Ulrich Schreiber, The Art of Translation

Portrait Irene Vallejo
© Schirin Moaiyeri

Dear audience,
On the fourth day of the festival, Berlin’s literary scene once again turned its gaze to the international literature festival berlin. Irene Vallejo’s book premiere at the Staatsbibliothek unter den Linden enthralled the visitors. Two panels at the Collegium Hungaricum were devoted to the art of translation. Elisabeth Plessen and Timea Tankó spoke about great literary figures and their translations with Bernhard Robben. Afterwards, another premiere took place at the international literature festival: In addition to the guests of the panel “Translations by Man and Machine” Heide Franck, Timea Tankó, André Hansen, Andreas Jandl and Timo Berger, texts by ilb authors Ricardo Romero, Rajesh Parameswaran and Kinga Tóth were translated live by an artificial intelligence and offered discussion matter for the literary translators. The evening concluded with an event in honor of Ulrich Schreiber. Companions such as Liao Yiwu, Wolf Biermann and Francesca Melandri paid tribute to 22 years of ilb.

Portrait Irene Vallejo Hernán D. Caro
Irene Vallejo in conversation with Hernán D. Caro © Schirin Moaiyeri
Portrait Ulrich Schreiber
Ulrich Schreiber in conversation with Jörg Thadeusz © Schirin Moaiyeri
“Star guest” at the ilb – an AI program translates texts about dreaming written by ilb author Ricardo Romero © Sydney Noemi Stein
Portrait Elisabeth Plessen
Elisabeth Plessen © Sydney Noemi Stein

What’s On Today?

We celebrate the end of the first festival week with the following literary highlights:

Salman Rushdie will appear in public for the first time since an attack and talk about his new novel “Victory City” in a live stream with Daniel Kehlmann.
Furthermore, we welcome IPAF prize winner Mohammed Alnaas, whose yet untranslated novel “Bread on Uncle Milad’s Table” will be read by shooting star Benito Bause.
We are also looking forward to the panel “Democracies in Danger?” with Luisa Neubauer, Armin Nassehi, and Lora Anne Viola.
At the Collegium Hungaricum, Irina Rastorgueva and Victoria Lomasko share their experiences as exiled writers.
Elisabeth Plessen shares her latest novel, The Woman in the Trees.
The Instituto Cervantes features Spain’s star intellectual Elizabeth Duval, who asks what it means to be trans* in “After Trans. Sex, Gender and the Left”.
With brilliant poetry, the German Prize for Nature Writing will be awarded to Susanne Eules at 6 p.m. in silent green. Admission is free.

We look forward to welcoming you to the fifth day of the 23rd international literature festival.

Francesca Melandri speaks at »22 Years of ilb – Retrospect and Tribute to Ulrich Schreiber« © Schirin Moaiyeri