24th ilb
5 – 14 Sep 2024 Program
9 – 18 Sep 2024 Young Program

When books light up – the 2022 ilb posters

Plakat 2022
ilb posters 2022 [Design: Götz Gramlich]

The official poster for the international literature festival berlin 2022 [ilb] was once again created by Götz Gramlich, one of the most renowned poster designers in Germany. With this year’s visual, he follows the idea to create a »luminous, fantastic landscape of open books.«

»The aesthetic is iridescent and almost psychedelic, thus visualizing the transformative and illuminating effect of literature. Pages become veins of light radiating from the light sources, the suns of the new horizons. The effect is colorful and stylish, poppy, distinctive and luminous.« – Götz Gramlich

Götz Gramlich has won international and national awards, including the prestigious 2017 Kieler Woche poster competition. His works are exhibited worldwide, e.g. at the International Poster Biennale Warsaw, the Poster Biennial of Bolivia and the TDC New York Awards.

»I am delighted that the ilb was able to win over such a formidable graphic designer with Götz Gramlich for design of our posters a few years ago. The effect of the motif for the 22nd ilb surpasses that of past editions once again. With the open, communicating, brightly glowing books, he created a cipher for what the ilb is all about: the aura of the world’s literatures and the international discourse on our lives.« – Ulrich Schreiber, Festival Director and Head of Program

The posters will be on display in Berlin from August 2022.