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Herkunft: Morocco

Youssouf Amine Elalamy

Youssouf Amine Elalamy was born in Larache in Morocco in 1961. He studied Communication Science and published numerous articles in international journals on photography, art, fashion and advertising. In 1991 he went to New York on a Fulbright scholarship and returned to Morocco three years later, where he teaches style,

Yassin Adnan

Yassin Adnan was born in 1970 in Safi, Morocco. He studied English literature at the University of Marrakesh and education at the University of Mohammad V in Rabat. Subsequently, he worked as an English teacher and is best known today for his weekly cultural programme »Macharif« on the Moroccan television

Najiba Abdellaoui

was born 1981 in the Netherlands and raised partly in Morocco. She won the El Hizjra literature prize and the Kunstbende prize for her poems, spoken word pieces and short stories. Najiba studied International Business and is currently a management trainee. In 2008 she published the children’s book »Nasim en

Mohammed Achaari

Mohammed Achaari was born in Moulay Driss Zerhoun, Marokko, in 1951. He studied law at Mohammed V University, Rabat, graduating in 1975. He started his literary career with a short story «Waiting for the Death of the Father» in 1967 and his first collection of poetry, »Sahil Al Khail Al

Mohammed Bennis

Mohammed Benniswas born in Fés, Morocco in 1948. His interest in literature, in particular for lyric, developed already at an early age. During his studies at the Department of Philosophy in Fés he began corresponding with the Syrian poet Adonis (Ali Ahmad Said) who published Bennis’ first poems in 1969.

Marcel Bénabou

born in Meknès (Morocco) in 1939, has been a member of the Oulipo group since 1969. His works are mainly concerned with the themes of reading and writing. In his Oulipotic works, he searches for »pre-emptive plagiarism« in classical Greece and Rome. Since Paul Fournel was elected president of Oulipo,

Mahi Binebine

Mahi Binebine was born in Marrakesh in 1959. From 1980 he studied and subsequently taught mathematics for a number of years in Paris. He lived in New York from 1994 to 1999. Following a short return to Paris, he returned to the city of his birth in 2002. His career

Leïla Slimani

Writer and journalist Leïla Slimani was born in Rabat in 1981 and grew up in a French-speaking family. She studied political science in Paris, then worked as a journalist for the magazine »Jeune Afrique«. In 2012, she left the editorial office to devote herself to literary writing. After her first

Laila Lalami

Laila Lalami was born in Rabat, Morocco. She studied English language and literature at the Université Mohammed V in her hometown and later graduated from University College London in 1991. Upon returning to Morocco, she wrote for the daily newspaper »Al-Bayane«, and soon afterwards moved to the United States to

Jalid Sehouli

born in 1968 in Berlin, is one of the world’s leading cancer specialists. As Director of the Clinic of Gynecology and professor at the Charité, he specializes in experimental surgical gynecology and oncological surgery as well as doctor-patient communication, the subject of »Von der Kunst, schlechte Nachrichten gut zu überbringen«

Fatema Mernissi

Fatema Mernissi was born in Fez, Morocco in 1940. After graduating in political science and sociology in Rabat and Paris she received a doctorate in the US. In 1975 she rejected misogynist interpretations of the Koran with “Beyond the Veil” and in numerous publications has pleaded for an understanding between