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Herkunft: Canada

Jordan Scott

Jordan Scott, born in 1978 in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a Canadian poet and author, renowned for his unique contribution to children’s literature. He studied English at Simon Fraser University and the University of Calgary, earning his B.A. and M.A. respectively. He was the Ellen and Warren Tallman Writer in

Hassan Zahreddine

Hassan Zahreddine was born in Lebanon in 1969. He studied painting in Beirut, then emigrated to Canada in 2021, where he studied printmaking in Montréal. »Zin« [2022] is Hassan Zahreddine’s first book to be published in German, for which he wrote the text himself. It tells the story of a

Michel Jean

born in Alma in 1960, is an Innu from the Mashteuiatsh community and one of Québec’s most important indigenous writers. He studied history and sociology and also works as a journalist and television presenter. He is the editor of the first anthology of indigenous literature from Québec and is the

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood was born in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1939. Her father was an entomologist, so she spent much of her childhood in the forests of northern Quebec and in various other Canadian cities. She wanted to write professionally from the time she was a teenager. She began studying English in

Wells Tower

Wells Tower was born in 1973 in Vancouver, Canada, and grew up in North Carolina. He studied anthropology and sociology at Wesleyan University, and creative writing at Columbia University. He then traveled extensively around the US, taking odd jobs and living paycheck to paycheck – a time in his life

Viken Berberian

Viken Berberian was born in Beirut in 1966 and grew up on a street called Zokak-el blot, which means the cobbled alley. He moved to Los Angeles in December of 1975, eight months after the start of the Lebanese civil war. Berberian completed graduate studies at Columbia University and the

Sydney Smith

Sydney Smith was born in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia and began drawing as a very young child. He studied drawing and printmaking at the NSCAD University in Halifax and has illustrated numerous children’s books since then, working for the publishing houses Nimbus Publishing and Groundwood Books.»Sidewalk Flowers« (2015),

Sylvain Neuvel

born in 1973 in Quebec City, earned a PhD in linguistics and worked as leading software engineer in Natural Language Processing on information extraction and machine translation. His fascination with robotics is reflected in the »Themis Files«-trilogy, a fast-paced collage of dialogue passages and documents revolving around an alien invasion.

Susin Nielsen

Canadian children’s and young adult author Susin Nielsen began her career as a television screenwriter. She got her start penning 16 episodes for the hit series »Degrassi Junior High«.After releasing a number of picture books, she wrote her first young adult novel, »Word Nerd«. It was published in 2008 and

Susan Swan

Susan Swan was born in 1945 in Midland, Ontario, a small town for tourists close to the Great Lakes in Canada.  Her later work was strongly influenced by the years she spent at a girl’s boarding school, where she grew up experiencing the tension between the conservative 50s and the

Shereen El Feki

The daughter of a Welsh mother and an Egyptian father grew up in Canada and studied Immunology. She was a scientific journalist for the »Economist« und al Jazeera, and Deputy Chairperson of the UN Global Commission on HIV. Her first book »Sex and the Citadel« was published in 2013. It

Shauna Singh Baldwin

Shauna Singh Baldwin was born in 1962 in Montreal, Canada. She grew up in India and remembers wanting to be a writer from the time she was eleven years old. After a Master’s in Business at Marquette University in Milwaukee, she worked as an IT-consultant. She also published poetry and