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Evening program: Sept 05 – 14, 2024
Young program: Sept 09 – 18, 2024

ilb Jahre: 2001

Zvonimir Balog

Zvonimir Balog was born in Sveti Petar Čvrstec in Croatia in 1932. He attended a school for Applied Arts, studied Education, and trained to be a teacher in Zagreb. Balog worked in many occupations. He was a waiter, interior decorator, administrator, primary school teacher, and an editor for youth magazines

Yvonne Vera

Yvonne Vera was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 1964. She studied at York University, Toronto, Canada and published her first volume of short stories in 1992. Since then she published four numerously awarded novels, which have been translated into several languages, including Swedish, Danish and German. For her second novel

Wolfgang Hilbig

Guest at the ilb 2001 Wolfgang Hilbig was born in Meuselwitz, Germany in 1941. His hometown is an industrial centre in the brown coal mining area of Saxony.  Hilbig was raised in the family of his grandfather, a miner, as his father died in the battle of Stalingrad.  After completing

Wilhelm Genazino

Wilhelm Genazino was born in Mannheim in 1943. After a period of voluntary training with ‘Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung’ in Heidelberg and Mannheim, he studied German, Philosophy and Sociology in Frankfurt am Main.  He worked as a freelance journalist for different newspapers and magazines, including the satirical monthly, ‘pardon’, before settling in Frankfurt

Virginia Hamilton

Virginia Hamilton was born in Ohio in 1936, the youngest of five children. She grew up on a farm near Yellow Springs that had been owned by her family since 1850 when her grandfather escaped from slavery. The authoress studied Literature and Creative Writing at Antioch College from 1952 to

Véronique Tadjo

Véronique Tadjo was born in Paris in 1955.  She grew up in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, her father’s homeland.  She studied Literature at the University of Abidjan and completed her doctorate in Afro-American Literature and Culture at the Sorbonne.  In 1983 she attended Howard University in Washington, D.C., on a Fulbright

Uri Orlev

Uri Orlev was born as Jerzy Henryk Orlowski in Warsaw in 1931. His father was a physician and a reserve officer in the Polish army. When the Second World War started his father was called up to serve in to the army. Orlev, his mother and younger brother were moved

Ulf Stark

In 1984 he scored his international breakthrough with the book ‘Dårfinkar och dönickar’, which won the Bonniers Junior Publishers’ Competition.  Stark grew up in a Stockholm suburb.  He was the son of a dentist.  His father had his practice on the ground floor of the house and Stark, his mother

Tim Staffel

Tim Staffel was born in Kassel, Germany, in 1965.  He studied Applied Theatre Science under Andrzej Wirth in Gießen.  Then he became a freelance writer and director. In 1993 he staged his first play, ‘Truppen’, at the Theater am Turm in Frankfurt am Main. However, most of his plays did

Susan Price

Susan Price was born near Birmingham in the British Midlands in 1955, where she still lives today.  She has been an avid reader since childhood.  Books helped her to forget the monotony of everyday school life.  She began writing at an early age and often entertained her younger siblings with

Sergio Pitol

Sergio Pitol was born in 1933 in Puebla, Mexico. He studied Law and Literature in Mexico-City, entered into diplomatic service for his country in 1960, and worked as cultural attach� in Warsaw, Paris and Budapest, and he was the Mexican Ambassador to Czechoslovakia up until 1988.  He also worked as