Mette Vedsø: Happy Happy

Discussion, Reading, Q&A

Mikkel and his father make ends meet, but they’ve never had much money. It bothers Mikkel more on some days than others, but secretly, he dreams of a different life. Then, through a strange twist of fate, he comes into possession of an expensive golf bag and begins a peculiar double life, pretending to be a rich boy from the wealthy neighborhood. In a fresh, youthful, witty tone, this novel tells a story of social inequality, loyalty, and self-determination.

With Mette Vedsø

With Tonda Montasser – „This is no love song, this is a crane song“ (Pre-Program)

Moderated by Toby Ashraf
Read by N. N.
Interpreted by N. N.

Grade 7 – 9 | Booking Number 1803


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