How to Tell a Sophisticated (Hi)story – Contemporary Arabic Literature

Two authors breathe life into history: Reem Bassiouney’s »Al Halwani…Thulathiyat al-Fatimiyeen« (tr: Al-Halwani: The Fatimid Trilogy) uses poetry, mythology and even sweet treats to navigate two centuries of Egyptian history, reimagining the lives of important figures of the Fatimid era (10th-11th c.). Hajji Jabir’s »Rimbaud al-habashi« (tr: The Abyssinian Rimbaud) is set in the 19th century at the Horn of Africa, where a complicated love story develops between French poet Arthur Rimbaud and young Harari Almaz. In cooperation with the Sheikh Zayed Book Award.

With Reem Bassiouney, Hajji Jabir

Moderated by Lara Sielmann

Read by N.N.

The event will be held in Arabic with simultaneous German translation.


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