Danny Wattin: David den mindre vises protokoll

Theater and photography workshop

A Swedish suburb in the 1980s: So far, David has kept his Jewish identity a secret, but now everyone knows. Trying to impress left-wing activist Maja while also avoiding discrimination at school as well as increasingly violent threats from a group of neo-Nazis, Davids’s situation turns into more and more of a dilemma. A thought-provoking novel that balances satire with a serious examination of antisemitism and racism.

Content Note: This story addresses antisemitism, racism, homophobia, misogyny, body shaming, ableism, and a suicide attempt.

What happens during the workshop?

Based on the experiences of the main character David, described from the first-person perspective, students outline possible alternative plot developments in the story using various representational means.

Instructors Paulina Schmid & Monica Segura-Marquez

Meet & Greet with Danny Wattin
The workshop will take place in German.

Conditions of participation

  • Excerpts from the book should be read and discussed in class before the workshop begins.
  • The school has an assembly hall or a large room.
  • The room has a music system and a flipchart.

Grades 10 – 12 | Booking number 1304


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