24th ilb
5 – 14 Sep 2024 Program
9 – 18 Sep 2024 Young Program


Emma enjoys being the centre of attention with the boys. After a party, she wakes up outside her house with her dress torn. She remembers nothing – but everyone at her school knows about the photos on Facebook. Harrowing, this Irish Book Award-winning novel tells of rape and bullying, depression, and resilience in the midst of a misogynistic society. »Riveting and indispensable« [The New York Times].

The events are part of the ilb special »Words of Love and Hate: Misogyny vs. Female Empowerment«.

MI 08 09 21 | 11:00 | silent green – Betonhalle | Kl. 10–12 | Gespräch & Lesung | Englisch ohne Übersetzung | Gast/ Guest Louise O ́Neill | Moderation Marie-Christine Knop | Vorprogramm: Ruta Dreyer – Unkraut | 0806


Wednesday, 2021-12-08