European disputes (2014)


The “Idea of Europe” was the focus of the first debates in May 2014. “The world in motion: what next, Europe?” will be the topic of the “European Disputes” on November 7, 2014 at the Staatsbiliothek zu Berlin.

“The world in motion: what next, Europe?”

Discussing “Europe” can no longer mean to exclusively focus on the consequences of the European Parliament elections, on ways of implementing democracy in the EU or the different possibilities of cooperation between European nation states. Today, we also have to ponder on the dynamics of global developments – including Putin’s attempt to draw new borders and the re-design of transatlantic relations between Europe and the USA- as representing challenges to the European value system. Answers to these questions are manifold and contradictory, nonetheless they need to be heard in order not to leave them to populists or political and administrative elites reaching decisions behind closed doors. We appreciate a culture of public debate with citizens, intellectuals and politicians about the conflicts and potentials of Europe because we are convinced that appeasement and evocation do not help Europe get any further. What we need is an open and public discourse.


  • Anne Applebaum, USA / Poland
  • Priya Basil, Great Britain
  • Angelo Bolaffi, Italy
  • Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Germany
  • György Dalos, Hungary
  • William Drozdiak, USA
  • Joachim Fritz-Vannahme, Germany
  • Ralf Fücks, Germany
  • Ulrike Guérot, Germany
  • Wolfgang Herles, Germany
  • Ulrike Herrmann, Germany
  • Frank Herterich, Germany
  • Viktor Jerofejew, Russia
  • Marc Jongen, Germany
  • Sergey Lagodinsky, Germany
  • Nina María Jurisch, Germany
  • Elina Makri, Greece
  • Amanda Michalopoulou, Greece
  • Jacques Rupnik, France
  • Linn Selle, Germany
  • Michail Schischkin, Russia
  • Volker Schlöndorff, Germany
  • Peter Schneider, Germany
  • Ulrich Schreiber, Germany
  • Michaele Schreyer, Germany
  • Hans-Henning Schröder, Germany
  • Daniela Schwarzer, Germany
  • Hubert Védrine, France
  • Jon Worth, Great Britain
  • Taras Yemchura, Ukraine

Idea and Initiative

Hans Christoph Buch / Daniel Cohn-Bendit / Ulrike Guérot / Frank Herterich / Nina Jurisch / Steffen Noack / Peter Schneider / Ulrich Schreiber

The »European Disputes« are an event of the Peter-Weiss-Foundation for Art and Politics in cooperation with the Bertelsmann Foundation, the Heinrich Böll Foundation, the Václav Havel Library and European Alternatives. It is supported by the Federal Foreign Office.