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Many refugees view Greece as the gateway to Europe. However, since the Balkan route was closed off in March 2016, this situation has changed. Thousands of refugees have been stranded in government centres on the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. Additionally, the fear of being deported has been increasing

El Salvador

El Salvador is one of the countries in Central America whose inhabitants are feeling more and more pressured to leave the country as a result of increasing violence. In Mexico, asylum applications written by refugees from El Salvador nearly quadrupled between 2013 and 2015. A large proportion of those refugees


Brazil has been shaped by centuries of immigration from all continents. In the last years, the biggest South American state was repeatedly chosen as the destination of many refugees (for example Haitians after the earthquake in 2010). When compared to other South American countries, Brazil has taken in the most

Refugees Worldwide

“Refugees Worldwide” möchte Erfahrungen, Eindrücke und Informationen über verschiedene Flüchtlingssituationen im europäischen wie außereuropäischen Kontext sammeln und vermitteln. Das Projekt tritt für einen Perspektivenwechsel im öffentlichen Diskurs über Migration ein, von einer eurozentrierten hin zu einer globalen Perspektive. Vor diesem Hintergrund verfassen Autor*innen literarische (Reise-)Reportagen über die Flüchtlingssituation in jeweils

Science Year: Bioeconomy (2020/21)

Against the background of the climate crisis, a growing world population, and dwindling raw materials, the search for alter­native forms of economic activity is imperative. The bioeco­nomy is sustained by biological and renewable resources and thus creates a path away from a fossil fuel-driven economy. This brings new opportunities, but