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Portrait Wolfgang Fritz Haug
Wolfgang Fritz Haug [© Ali Ghandtschi] (9)

Wolfgang Fritz Haug

born in Esslingen in 1936, taught philosophy at FU Berlin until 2001. He has published the journal »Das Argument« since 1959. In the early 1970s, he coined the term product aesthetics; for him, today’s consumerism carries the »appearance of classlessness«. He was founding chairman of the Institute for Critical Theory [InkriT], 1996–2001. Haug sits on the scientific advisory board of attac and edits the German-language »Historical-Critical Dictionary of Marxism«.

Date: 2022


Kritik der Warenästhetik

Frankfurt a. M., 1972

Vorlesungen zur Einführung ins Kapital

Köln, 1974

Faschismus und Ideologie

Argument Sonderbände 60/62, 1980
Neuausgabe in einem Band
[hrsg. von Klaus Weber]
Argument Classics
Hamburg, 2019