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Tasos Zafeiriadis

Portrait Tasos Zafeiriadis
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Tasos Zafeiriadis was born in 1981 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 2002, the certified orthodontist has regularly written and illustrated comics that have been published in Greek newspapers and online. He has also published several graphic novels and fanzines as a writer and illustrator.

He first self-published »Oi apithanes peripeteies tou Spif kai tou Spaf« (2005; tr: The Amazing Adventures of Spiff and Spaff), a story full of surreal humor and many absurd dialogues. This was followed by a collection of short comics called »O kyr-kongk kai alles istories« (2007; tr: Mr. Kong and Other Stories), and »Skorpochori« (2015). Additionally, in the »9« magazine of the »Eleftherotypia« newspaper, he published a series of comic strips called »Intra muros« (2006), with drawings by Petros Christoulias, that are about everyday life in the city. Zafeiriadis often works with other artists and writers. Together with Athanasios Petrou and Yannis Palavos, he wrote the graphic novel »To Ptoma« (2011; tr: The Corpse), which was published in French in 2015 under the title »Le Croque-Mort«. It is the story of an employee at a funeral home who is forced to spend two days in the company of a rotting corpse. Before his lonely death, the old man had broken off all contact with his family. The employee, on the other hand, who is also a loner, sees his own potential future in the corpse. For the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I, Zafeiriadis worked together with Petros Christoulias on the graphic novel »Trenches. Stories from Gangrene Alley« (2014), a humorous description of the daily lives of the soldiers in a French trench on the Western Front that is based on real facts. Parts of the graphic novel were exhibited at the National Library of Greece in 2014. »Trenches« received an honorable mention at the CONFLICTS War Balloons international comic competition in Genoa, second prize at the Balkan Festival of Young Comics Creators in Leskovac, Serbia, and won the Best Cover and Best Artist awards at the Greek Comic Awards in 2015. Again in collaboration with Athanasios Petrou and Yannis Palavos, »Gra-Gru« was published in 2017 and is an atmospherically rich story with all kinds of charming characters against the background of the restaurant that gives the book its title. The book was awarded the prize for best Greek comic book and best scenario at the Comicdom Awards.

Zafeiriadis also writes haikus. He is one of the co-founders of the Greek comic blog »The Very Closed Circle«, where a selection of his works can be found (under the abbreviation of T.Z.). Zafeiriadis lives in Thessaloniki.