Sarah Quigley

Sara Quigley was born in New Zealand in 1967. After graduating from Oxford University, she spent a year working for a newspaper in San Diego. Quigley published her first volume of short stories ‘Having words with you’, in 1998.  A collection of poems followed in 1999.  The same year her first novel ‘After Robert’, was published by Penguin, both in New Zealand and the U.K. A German translation of the book, ‘Robert danach’, is also available.  She has already written her second novel, ‘The Harrison Angle’, and is currently working on a third.

Quigley works as a reviewer and columnist for different newspapers. She also writes articles for design, architecture and lifestyle magazines. Her short stories are published in magazines and anthologies and have won several awards.  The author is currently preparing a second poetry volume, and is working on a biography about the poet and editor Charles Brasch.

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