Roman Sikora

Roman Sikora was born in 1970 in Třinec, Czech Republic. In his plays, among them »Die Unbeweglichkeit«, »Die Stützen der Gesellschaft«, »Tod eines talentierten Schweins«, he counters social and political situations with stubborn humour. In 1997, he won the Alfréd-Radok-Award for »Antigone weggefegt«. Many of his plays have been translated, also into German. His latest, »Confession of a Masochist«, was written and premiered during a residency at the Prague Letí Theatre and the Centre for Contemporary Drama in 2011. Sikora also works as a theatre critic. He lives in Prague.

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»Zpověď masochisty« by Roman Sikora is a sarcastic criticism of Western democracies’ capitalist economic system. Only a masochist, someone who enjoys exploitative working conditions and the waste of human resources, can survive in an unregulated free market economy. The system’s mechanisms are illustrated by grotesque exaggerations; bizarre dream sequences show their absurdity. Sikora’s rapid theatre-text hardly leaves breath for outrage or protest.