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Rem Broo

Portrait Rem Broo
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Rem Broo was born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1983 and initially worked as an architect before moving on to drawing. He illustrated children’s books, published his work in magazines, worked for animation studios, created storyboards for film studios, and published his first comic works in anthologies.

The comic »The End Times of Bram and Ben« (2014), for which James Asmus and Jim Festante wrote the text, is about two friends that face Armageddon together. The book was an international success and earned Broo a nomination for the Manning Award. This young talent award has been presented annually to a promising young comic artist at the world’s largest comic fair, the San Diego Comic-Con, since 1982. »Terminal Protocol« (2016), written by Jordan Alsaqa, is a story about a scientist whose husband falls terminally ill. Exploring the limits of robotics and artificial intelligence, she tries to save his life. His most recent work, »Beethoven. Unsterbliches Genie« (2020; tr. Beethoven. Immortal Genius), written by Peer Meter, is a graphic novel with anecdotes from the life of the musical genius, as told by visitors to his deathbed. This work is characteristic of Broo’s interest in stories that focus on strong characters. His drawings follow their own style, some are brightly colored, some appear as mere sketches – As Deutschlandfunk described it, it is »a brilliantly illustrated example of dark humor«.

Rem Broo lives in Berlin.