Rashid al-Da’if

Portrait Rashid al-Da'if
© Hartwig Klappert

Rashid al-Da’if was born in 1945 in Ehden, Lebanon. Despite the modest conditions of his upbringing, he attended school, studied Arabic Literature at the Lebanese University, and completed two doctorates at Paris. Al-Daif is considered a compelling chronicler of the transformations in Lebanon and an innovative representative of the Arabic Nouveau Roman. In 1979 he published his first book of poems in a new lyric tone. His novel »Fusha mustahdafa bayna l-nu’as wa-l-nawm« (1986; t: Delivered between fatigue and sleep) deals with personal traumatic experience of the war in Lebanon, and his 1995 novel »Azizi al-sayyid Kawabata« (1995; Eng. »Dear Mr. Kawabata«, 1999) was published to considerable international acclaim. He has taught at the Lebanese University in Beirut since 1974.

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