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Portrait Guillaume Perreault
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Guillaume Perreault

Guillaume Perreault was born in Rimouski, Quebec, in 1985. He studied graphic design in Ottawa and worked for a time as a designer before turning to illustration full-time. He now mainly illustrates books for children and young adults but is also active in the cultural sector and in advertising. Since there is a different intention behind every project, it is important to him to adapt his work accordingly. That is why his artistic techniques vary: sometimes drawing with coloured pencil, sometimes with ink, sometimes completely digitally.
His own works are populated by figures with strong characters, upon whom he casts a light that is as reflective as it is humorous. »Cumulus« (2014), Perreault’s first comic, is about a little boy who observes a cloud through his window. It hovers alone in the sky, and as the boy enters into a dialogue with it, in which he gradually unpacks the emotions surrounding his parents’ separation and his loneliness. In a touching way, »Cumulus« is a story about childhood and appeals to young and older readers alike. »Le facteur de l’espace« (»The Postman from Space«, 2020) was originally published in 2016. The colourful comic is about the adventures of Bob the mailman in an era when mail is transported through space. Readers learn about unusual places and a whole host of aliens, including a blue farmer and a cactus-like creature. It also seems that in space there are also biting dogs that have it out for mailmen … Stylistically, the work can be sorted into the tradition of ligne claire. The drawings are simple, yet there are many hidden details to discover. »Le facteur de l’espace« has won several awards, including the Pépites des Petits readers’ prize, awarded at France’s largest children’s and young adult book fair, the Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse Seine-Saint-Denis in Montreuil. The sequel, »Le facteur de l’espace 2« was published in 2019. Bob the mailman now works as part of a team: with Marcelle, his apprentice. However, the delivery of a single letter turns into an odyssey from one end of the galaxy to the other. The humorous story by author Katia Canciani, illustrated by Perreault, »Pet et répète, la véritable histoire« (tr: Pete and Repeat: The True Story) was also published in 2019. Guillaume Perreault lives in Trois-Rivières, Canada.


Mécanique générale
Montréal, 2014

Der Weltraumpostbote
Kassel, 2020
[Ü: Ulrich Pröfrock]

Le facteur de l’espace 2
La Pastèque
Montréal, 2019

Pet et répète, la véritable histoire
[Text: Katia Canciani]
Québec, 2019