23. ilb 06. – 16.09.2023
Portrait Omar Akbar
© Ali Ghandtschi

Omar Akbar

Omar Akbar

Omar Akbar has been one of the most influential hosts of the “Reflections” programme of the international literature festival berlin since 2007. He has focused on the literary exploration of big cities and metropolises, and their specific urban character. In his series Urban Worlds – World Cities he talked with Natalia Klyucharova about Moscow, with Filip Florian about Bukarest, with György Dalos about Budapest, with Aleksandar Hemon about Sarajevo, with Alaa al-Aswani about Cairo, with Youssef Ziedan about Alexandria, with Samuel Shimon about Damascus and Beirut, with Helon Habila about Lagos, with Ivan Vladislavic about Johannesburg, with Norman J. Klein, D.J. Waldie and Wanda Coleman about Los Angeles, with Joe Conzo about the Bronx, with Meira Chand about Singapore, with Pankaj Mishra about Mumbai, with Atiq Rahimi about Kabul, with Steve Wasserman and Margarita Luna Pobles about the Mexican-Californian frontier region, and with Max Dudler about the architecture of libraries.


Genuss – von Verzierung und der Eleganz der Sachlichkeit
Calbe, 2009

ArchiLab Europe 2008 – Strategic Architecture
Orléans, 2008

The Memory of a City – The City as a Repository for Memories
Intervention Architecture
London, 2007

Sustainability in Urbanism: Looking at the future of our Cities
Challenges and opportunities for the twenty-first century
Madrid, 2006

Vom Handeln im Netz
Dimensionen der Globalisierung
Form und Zweck
Berlin, 2002