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Portrait Michail Ryklin
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Michail Ryklin

was born 1948 in Leningrad. He studied philosophy and aesthetics in Moscow and earned his doctorate in the history of philosophy. Since 1995, he has written as a correspondent for »Lettre International«. In 2007, together with Gerd Koenen, he received the Leipziger Book Prize for European Understanding for »Mit dem Recht des Stärkeren« (»With the Privilege of the Stronger«). In addition to being professor at the Philosophy Institute in Moscow, he also teaches in Europe and in the USA. Ryklin lives in Berlin and Moscow.


Mit dem Recht des Stärkeren


Frankfurt/Main, 2006

[Ü: Gabriele Leupold]

Kommunismus als Religion

Die Intellektuellen und die Oktoberrevolution

Verlag der Weltreligionen

Frankfurt/Main, 2008

[Ü: Dirk und Elena Uffelmann]