23. ilb 06. – 16.09.2023

Mehdi Mozaffari

born in 1939 in Iran, is a political scientist. He is professor emeritus at the Department of Political Science, Aarhus University, Denmark. Mozaffari has a doctorate in political science from the University of Paris Sorbonne-Panthéon, where he also taught for a number of years. He is a co-author and co-signatory of the »Manifesto of 12« and has authored a number of books on Islam and different forms of radicalization.



Violence and Discourtesy

Aarhus University Press

Oxford, 1998


En orientalsk totalitarisme

Informations Foralg

København, 2013

Aufkommen und Entwicklung des Islamismus
im Licht des europäischen Totalitarismus

In: Totalitarismus und Demokratie, 11 (Dresden, 2014)