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Portrait Marina Litwinenko
© Hartwig Klappert

Marina Litwinenko

Marina Litwinenko was born in Russia in 1962. A trained dancer, she met her future husband in 1993, the Russian ex-spy and critic of the Kremlin Alexander Litwinenko, who was murdered last November with the radioactive substance Polonium-210. In June, „Death of a Dissident“ was published by Marina Litwinenko and Alex Goldfarb. It describes the complicated historical and political background of the still-unsolved murder. Marina Litwinenko has been a British citizen since 2001. She lives with her son in London.

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Tod eines Dissidenten
[mit Alex Goldfarb]
Hoffmann & Campe
Hamburg, 2007
[Ü: Violeta Topalova]

Übersetzer: Violeta Topalova