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Marie Pohl

Marie Pohl was born in Hamburg in 1979. The daughter of dramatist Klaus Pohl and sister of the actress Lucie Pohl grew up in New York and worked as a scriptgirl and translator. She studied in Madrid and was employed as an assistant director and actress in Spain and Germany, e. g. for »Der Passagier« (tr.: The Passenger) by Thomas Brasch. For »Maries Reise« (2002; tr: Marie’s Journey) she visited global cities and painted a portrait of the »Marie’s generation«, and for »Geisterreisen« (2012; tr: Spiritual Journeys) she embarked on trips with a spiritual element. Marie Pohl lives in Berlin.


Maries Reise
Rogner und Bernhard
Berlin, 2002

S. Fischer
Frankfurt a. M., 2012