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Portrait Manfred Sapper
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Manfred Sapper

born 1962 in Kassel, studied Political Science, History and Sociology in Frankfurt am Main, Siena and Moscow. He completed his doctorate on »The Impact of the Afghanistan War on Soviet Society«. He taught International realtions and Contemporary East European History at Mannheim University. In 1999 he received Baden Württemberg’s Teaching Award. Since 2002 Sapper he has been editor-in-chief of the academic monthly »Osteuropa«. He lives in Berlin.


Das Lager schreiben

Varlam Šalamov und die Aufarbeitung des Gulag

Berlin, 2006

[= Osteuropa 6/07]

Machtmosaik Zentralasien

Traditionen, Restriktionen, Aspirationen

Berlin, 2007

[= Osteuropa 8–9/07]


Bonn, 2007

Impulses for Europe

Tradition and Modernity in East European Jewry

[Hrsg. und Koautor]


Berlin, 2008

Freiheit im Blick

1989 und der Aufbruch in Europa

[Hrsg. Manfred Sapper]

Berlin, 2009

[= Osteuropa 2–3/09]

Die Macht der Musik

Mieczysław Weinberg: eine Chronik in Tönen

Berlin, 2010

[= Osteuropa 7/10]