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Portrait Maarten Inghels
© Hartwig Klappert

Maarten Inghels

Maarten Inghels

born in Borgerhout, Flanders, in 1988, published his first collection of poems »Tumult« (tr.: Tumult) in 2008, followed in 2011 by »Waakzaam« (tr.: Vigilant), and in 2012 by the novel »De handel in emotionele goederen« (tr.: Trading emotional goods) and the literary non-fiction work »Een landloper op batterijen« (tr.: A battery powered vagabond). Inghels lives in Antwerp and works for the »Eenzame Uitvaart« project run by poets, who write verses for deceased people without family.



Van Gennep

Amsterdam, 2008

De handel in emotionele goederen

De Bezige Bij Antwerpen

Antwerpen, 2012

Een landloper op batterijen

Uitgeverij Voetnoot

Antwerpen, 2012