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Luo Zhicheng

The Taiwanese poet Luo Zhicheng was born in Taipei in 1955. After graduating from the Department of Philosophy at National Taiwan University he worked as editor of the literary supplement of the »China Times« for two years. He then went on to gain a Master’s degree in East Asian Studies from the University of Wisconsin. Since his return to the USA he has worked as editor of many daily newspapers and journals, and also taught at various universities.

Luo Zhicheng published his first volume of poems himself, following his own crafted design and using his own illustrations. Since then he has published another volume of poetry as well as three books of prose, two volumes of travel writing, a collection of critical essays and numerous translations. Luo is considered a major lyrical voice of Taiwan, and his influence on the younger generation has already begun to be felt. His main themes are dream, memory and travel. The early volumes of poetry »Qingxie de shu« (1982; t: Book of decline), and »Zhi di wusheng shu« (1988; t: Book of throwing works on ground and no response) were followed by his two latest works, significantly entitled »Meng zhong shufang« (2002; t: Dream study) and »Meng zhong qinggren« (2004; t: Dream lover).

Luo has been honoured through the award of various distinguished literary prizes. In 2002 and 2003 he organised the Taipei Poetry Festival. He is also the director of a publishing house, editor of the travel magazine »To Go« and works in television and advertising. Luo teaches at Soochow University in Taipei. His most recent book is the volume of poetry »Time Zone 25«.

Translator: Wolfgang Kubin

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Qingxie zhi shu
Lianhe Wenxue Chubanshe Youxian Gongsi
Taipeh, 1982

Meng zhong shufang
Lianhe Wenxue Chubanshe Youxian Gongsi
Taipeh, 2002

Übersetzer: Wolfgang Kubin