23. ilb 06. – 16.09.2023

Krisztián Ungváry

was born in Budapest in 1969 and is a historian, member of the scientific advisory panel to the ZgV (the German foundation concerned with displaced and expelled persons), and an acknowledged expert on the history of the Hungarian secret police. His book »Budapest Ostroma« (1998; Eng. »The Siege of Budapest«, 2005) about the German-Soviet battle for Budapest in 1944/45, in which unknown numbers of soldiers and civilians died, was a bestseller in Hungary. Ungváry’s interests are in, among others, 20th century European political and military history.


A magyar honvédség a második világháborúban

Osiris Kiadó

Budapest, 2004

Die Schlacht um Budapest


München, 1999

[Ü: Thomas Zöbelin und Zoltán Imre]