Jonathan Meese

Jonathan Meese was born in Tokyo in 1970, and ever since his comprehensive retrospective »MAMA JOHNNY« (Hamburg Deichtorhallen, 2006) has been seen as the enfant terrible of the international art scene. This is a reputation the artist is only too happy to live up to, as his performances prove. They mix mania, artistic conviction, and studied provocation, and are a call for the »dictatorship of art«. Meese paints pictures and produces action and designed the stage for Frank Castorf’s production of Pitigrilli’s novel »Cocaine« (2004) at the Volksbühne, and Wolfgang Rihm’s Nietzsche opera »Dionysos« in Salzburg (2010). He has also collaborated with Jörg Immendorff, Albert Oehlen and Daniel Richter. Jonathan Meese lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg.