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John Goetz

born in 1962 in New York City. He has worked as an investigative journalist for English and German media like CBC, the »Sunday Times«, the »L. A. Times« and the »Süddeutsche Zeitung« and has been an editor at NDR’s capital city office since 2011. He has written books with Christian Fuchs about the Neo-Nazi Zwickau terrorist cell and the use of attack drones by the US. He received the Henri Nannen prize for his co-work on the Spiegel article »Ein deutsches Verbrechen« (2001; tr. A German crime). Goetz lives in Berlin.


Allein gegen Kohl, Kiep & Co.

[Zs. mit Conny Neumann u. Oliver Schröm]

Ch. Links

Berlin, 2000

Die Zelle. Rechter Terror in Deutschland

[Zs. mit Christian Fuchs]


Reinbek, 2012

Geheimer Krieg

Wie von Deutschland aus der Kampf gegen den Terror gesteuert wird

[Zs. mit Christian Fuchs]


Reinbek, 2013