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Portrait Gernot Wolfram

Gernot Wolfram

writer and journalist, has won numerous prizes including the Walter-Serner-Preis and Sylter Inselschreiberpreis. His novels, stories and essays deal with the experience of what is foreign, and of shifts in perception. He most recently published the acclaimed collection of essays »Der leuchtende Augenblick« (tr: The Shining Moment). In 2014 Wolfram, working with students in Berlin, founded a culture and education society for refugees, the Board of Participation e. V.


Samuels Reise


München, 2005

Das Wüstenhaus


München, 2011

Der leuchtende Augenblick

Über Menschen und Orte des Lesens

Hentrich & Hentrich

Berlin, 2013