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Edvard Kocbek

(1904−1981) considered one of the most significant intellectuals and poets of Slovenia. He studied Theology and Romance studies, and joined the partisan guerrillas during WWII. He was the first in Slovenia to break the 30 years of silence and wrote in 1975 about the post war murder of thousands of members of the Catholic Slovenian Home Guard, which resulted in an overwhelming political, media and police campaign against him. An intervention from Heinrich Böll saved him from imprisonment. Furthermore, a staunch Christian, he was under the surveillance of the Yugoslavian secret police for 35 years.


Strah in pogum

Državna založba Slovenije

Ljubljana, 1951

Die Dialektik


Frankfurt/Main, 1968

[Ü: Janez Gradišnik und Dieter Leisegang]

Kocbekovo berilo

Berilo. Lesebuch



[Ü: Lev Detela, Milena Merlak und Peter Kersche]