23. ilb 06. – 16.09.2023

Daniel Odija

Daniel Odija was born in Słupsk in 1974.  He studied Polish Literature at Gdansk University and published texts in various magazines.  Following a collection of short stories, and a volume of poetry, his first novel, ‘Ulica’ (Engl: The Street), appeared in 2001; for this he was awarded the Art Prize of Pomerania for the Debut of the Year 2001.  In the succeeding ‘Tartak’ (2003; Engl: Sawmill), Odija composes realistic portraits of everyday life which develop into parables.  Out of this grows a panopticon of the human condition, assembled from dark, dismal notes.  Odija received several prizes for his second novel, which became the subject of much controversy.  The author works for the regional television station in Słupsk.

Translators: Monika Woêniak (Italian); Antonia Lloyd-Jones (English); Martin Pollak (German); Jan Brodal (Norwegian)

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Wydawnictwo Czarne
Wołowiec, 2001

Szklana huta
Wydawnictwo Czarne
Wołowiec, 2005

Das Sägewerk
Wien, 2006
Übersetzung: Martin Pollack

Übersetzer: Monika Woêniak (Italienisch); Antonia Lloyd-Jones (Englisch); Martin Pollak (Deutsch); Jan Brodal (Norwegisch)