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Léonie Bischoff

Portrait Léonie Bischoff
© Bénédicte Maindiaux

Léonie Bischoff, born in Geneva in 1981, is a comic book author and illustrator. She studied at the École supérieure des arts Saint-Luc and worked as a bookseller for a year after receiving her diploma.

After several contributions to various anthologies, Bischoff’s first independent publication appeared under the title »Princesse Suplex« (2010; tr: Princess Suplex). The story follows a woman who works an office job during the week and enters the ring as an amateur wrestler on weekends. Her book, »Hoodoo Darlinʼ«, an adventure story set in the bayous of Louisiana during the 1960s, was published in 2013. The volume was nominated for the Prix Töpffer, awarded by the city of Geneva to comic book authors. This work was followed by a crime trilogy created in collaboration with the screenplay writer Olivier Bocquet, consisting of »La Princesse des glaces« (2014; tr: The Ice Princess), »Le Prédicateur« (2015; tr: The Preacher) and »Le Tailleur de pierres« (2018; tr: The Stonemason). The volumes are based on three successful novels by Swedish crime writer Camilla Läckberg, in which writer Erica Falck and detective Patrik Hedström try to solve mysterious murders. Additionally, in 2018, Bischoff published the volume »Naissance de la Bible« (2018; tr: The Birth of the Bible) with the theologian and ancient historian Thomas Römer in the series »La Petite Bédéthèque des Savoirs«, published by the Brussels publishing house Le Lombard. The series combines expert knowledge with the art of illustration and is intended to make complex topics accessible to readers in comic form. Bischoff’s most recent publication is the 190-page volume »Anaïs Nin. Sur la mer des mensonges« (2020; tr: Anaïs Nin: On the sea of lies). The story follows the writer Anaïs Nin (1903-1977), who is known not least for her extensive and revealing diaries. Using these as her main point of reference, Bischoff tells the story of a woman’s sexual and intellectual liberation from the shackles of her time, spurred in no small part by her encounter with the much older writer Henry Miller. French magazine »Télérama« praised it as »A fascinating and inspired album about the formative years of an artist in search of herself in 1930s Paris.« The volume won the Fauve dʼAngoulême Audience Award at the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée dʼAngoulême in 2020.

Bischoff lives in Brussels. She is a member of the Collectif des créatrices de bandes dessinées contre le sexisme, an association of female comics creators who work to combat sexism in the literary field of comics. She is also a member of Atelier Mille, an association of seven young female comic book authors who collaborate and exhibit their work together.