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Amir Valle

Amir Valle

born in 1967 in Guantánamo. He studied journalism in Santiago and Havanna. His literary work covers very different genres. In his novel »Die Wörter und die Toten« (2007; tr. The Words and the Dead) he deals with contemporary society, and he also wrote a cycle of detective novels as well as writing reports about the difficult circumstances and corruption in his home country. When he was refused the right to re-enter Cuba, he received the Writers-in-Exile scholarship from the P.E.N. Centre as well as other accolades. Valle lives in Berlin.


Die Haut und die Nackten

Edition Köln

Köln, 2005

[Ü: Susanna Mende]

Die Wörter und die Toten

Nachruf auf eine Revolution

Edition Köln

Köln, 2007

[Ü: Ursula Bachhausen]

Fremde Heimat

Texte aus dem Exil

[Hg: Christa Schuenke u. Brigitte Struzyk]

Matthes & Seitz

Berlin, 2013